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Mjollnir GT Carbon

Mjollnir GT Carbon

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Introducing the Mjolnir GT: your ultimate entry to e-mountain biking, meticulously crafted for the most thrilling cross-country (XC) rides. At the heart of the Mjolnir GT lies a one-piece carbon hardtail frame, renowned for its strength, lightness, and responsiveness, ensuring you conquer trails with unparalleled agility. The race-inspired livery isn't just about looks; it symbolizes the bike's dedication to performance and speed.

Power your ride with the advanced 500-watt high-torque Bafang hub drive motor, paired with a removable 720 wh LG lithium-ion cell for reliable, long-lasting energy. This dynamic duo ensures you have the power to climb steeper trails and ride longer, pushing your limits further than ever before. The Mjolnir GT's inverted front forks, boasting 100 mm of suspension travel, provide you with a smooth ride, absorbing shocks and bumps with ease, allowing you to maintain control and focus on the path ahead.

Shifting is seamless with the 11-speed Shimano Deore  Groupset, offering crisp shifts and a wide range of gears to tackle any terrain. Whether it's steep ascents or rapid descents, you'll find the perfect gear to keep your ride smooth and efficient. The Mjolnir GT's zero-maintenance magnesium alloy wheelset is not only incredibly durable but also reduces the bike's overall weight, enhancing your acceleration and maneuverability.

When it's time to slow down, rely on the hydraulic Tekro brakes for superior stopping power, giving you the confidence to handle high-speed descents and sudden stops with ease. The Mjolnir GT is more than just an e-mountain bike; it's a purpose-built machine designed to elevate your cross-country riding experience. Embrace the power, speed, and precision of the Mjolnir GT and transform your rides into epic adventures.

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* Full Carbon Fibre XC Frame Construction.
* Mozo USA Inverted Front Suspension Forks.
* 500W, 95 Nm BAFANG Geared Hub Motor.
* High Capacity 816 wh LG Li-ion Battery.
* Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
* 11 Speed Shimano Deore Groupset.


Main Components


3K Carbon Fiber


Kenda 26 * 4.0 Fat tire


Promax Aluminum Alloy 

Front Suspension

Mozo USA inverted forks

Rear Suspension

Dynamic Swingarm Absorbers

F/R Brakes

Hydraulic Tektro Aeris Disc Brakes


11-spd Shimano Altus




Velo MTB

F/R lighting



No Fenders


Magnesium Alloy 

Electrical System


500W Bafang Brushless Geared Hub Motor

Torque Rating

95 Nm


48V 13 Ah Li-ion LG Cell with USB charging


AC Smart Charger 110 V


Integrated torque sensor




1:1 Direct Drive


48 V Sin wave controller


LCD Bafang Display


Max Speed

32 kph


60-80 km

Charging time

3-5 hours

Max. Payload Capacity

280 lbs

Curb Weight

48 lbs


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Advanced Carbon Fibre Hardtail Frame Construction

The Mjolnir GT is engineered with a one-piece carbon hardtail frame, offering an optimal balance of strength and weight. This premium construction ensures every ride is responsive and agile, making it easier to navigate through challenging trails. The frame's durability and lightness are complemented by a race-inspired livery, reflecting the bike's high-performance nature and your serious approach to cross-country riding.

High-Torque Bafang Motor and LG Li-ion Cell

Power through your rides with the Mjolnir GT's 500-watt high-torque Bafang hub drive motor. Combined with a removable LG lithium-ion cell, this powertrain provides a robust and reliable source of energy, allowing you to tackle steeper inclines and longer distances effortlessly. This setup ensures that you have the sustained power and endurance needed for intensive cross-country expeditions, making every ride more exhilarating.

Premium Components for Precision Riding

The Mjolnir GT doesn't compromise on components, featuring an 11-speed Shimano Altos Groupset for smooth and efficient shifting across a wide range of terrains. Inverted front forks with 100 mm of suspension travel absorb shocks and maintain control on rough trails. Paired with a zero-maintenance magnesium alloy wheelset for reduced weight and hydraulic Tekro brakes for dependable stopping power, this e-mountain bike is equipped for precision and safety on even the most demanding rides.

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