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E-Bike Introduction

Electric bikes are a wonderful way to get around for individuals of all ages, whether you’re using them just for workout in fresh air or to make running errands a bit quicker.

If you haven’t had a chance to test one out yet, here are some of the most important and pressing e-bike-related questions and answers.

What is an electric bike?

When most people hear the term “electric bike” the first thing that comes to mind is a scooter or an electric motorcycle, but they are not the same thing. Consider a standard bicycle, then add various electrical components, such as a motor, a battery, and a controller, all of which are smoothly merged into the design. These components are the foundation of all electric bikes on the market. E-bikes are essentially just bikes that electrical components can provide you with either a slight boost or enough power to tackle almost any hill. Your bicycle will either have 3 gears, 8 gears, or a unique internal drivetrain that gives you unlimited gear options, depending on the model you purchase.

Who can ride an e-bike?

Both males and women. Colleges and universities youngsters and the seniors. Hardcore cyclists, persons who have been disabled by injuries, and first-time riders are all welcome. You’ll feel perfectly at home on one of our bikes whether you’re a verified superstar, an NFL player, or just someone with a taste for adventure.

Ebikecan makes bikes that are suitable for everyone.

How can ride an e-bike?

Three operating modes are accessible to you as a rider:

Pedal Only

Pedal-Assist (sometimes called Electric-Assist)


Can I ride e-bike like a regular bike?

Yeah! One of the best aspects of e-bikes is that you can put as much or as little effort as you like. You can ride an electric bike at any time, just like a regular one. Because there is no extra effort caused by the motor, it will feel precisely like a standard bike. Depending on the model you choose, you can pedal as hard as you like, doing all the work, or if you must get somewhere quickly, use the pedal assist.

How does pedal assist work?

In this mode you can use a combination of human and electric power. When you activate this mode by pressing the on/off button on the handles, the motor will offer gentle electric power as you pedal. You can still change gears when the terrain changes to gain from more power or faster speed. Using pedal-assist mode is a fantastic feeling because it makes cycling effortless, flattens out the hills, and makes you just enjoy yourself and the sceneries. You can adjust how much power the motor generates with the press of a button (followed by the stroke of a pedal). You will go through the various levels with only a simple button press. This does not mean the bike moves on its own, but it adds some power to your pedaling.

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