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The E-SM is an optimal choice for electric bike owners. Its advanced lithium-ion battery provides long-lasting power, delivering up to 80 km of range on one charge. Boasting a sleek and compact design, it offers great portability without compromising performance.

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Voltage: 48 V
Capacity: 15 Ah
Connector Type: Three Prong



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Optimized Weight Distribution

Cleverly mounted vertically under the seatpost, our lightweight Li-ion battery pack enhances your ride with superior weight distribution. This strategic placement shifts the center of gravity for more agile handling, resulting in a noticeably smoother and more responsive riding experience. Embrace the freedom of a bike that's as nimble as it is powerful, designed for those who seek agility and efficiency on every journey.

Superior Range and Longevity

Unleash the full potential of your e-bike with our high-energy-density batteries, featuring top-of-the-line LG cell chem lithium-ion cells. With a total capacity of 720wh, these batteries are engineered to offer the best-in-class range. At the core of their performance is a superior Battery Management System, meticulously designed to optimize power efficiency and longevity. This advanced technology ensures you can journey further with confidence, providing an impressive range of up to 80 kilometers. Whether you're on a long-distance adventure or navigating the daily commute, our batteries promise a reliable, extended, and superior riding experience.

Smart and Fast Charging

Enjoy unparalleled convenience with E-sm battery, designed for effortless security and portability. With a mechanism that allows it to be easily locked, unlocked, and removed from under the seat, you can take the battery anywhere for charging. All you need is access to a 110v outlet. Accompanied by a supplied smart charger, it ensures a rapid and efficient charge, bringing the battery to full capacity in under 5 hours. Moreover, the charger is designed to optimize each recharge cycle, minimizing capacity loss and extending the life of your battery. With the e-SM battery, power is not just convenient; it's smart and efficient, tailored to fit your mobile lifestyle.

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"I booked a ride and I have to say riding an E-Bike feels absolutely amazing. These e-Bikes are very convenient for daily use and I love it." - Alexandra

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