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Passcode Folding Lock

Passcode Folding Lock

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The Passcode Folding Lock is designed to protect your ebike. This passcode lock has an ergonomic design and is made from durable materials for reliable protection. With the folding feature, it is easy to transport and store. Keep your ebike secure with this passcode folding lock.

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Strong and Versatile

Secure your ride with confidence using our passcode folding lock, where versatility meets strength. Crafted from robust steel, this lock is designed to offer superior protection against theft. Its flexible folding design allows it to adapt to various locking scenarios, ensuring your bike stays safe in a wide range of environments. Whether you're parked outside a café or in a busy bike rack, our lock provides the resilient security you need.

Passcode Protected

Say goodbye to the hassle of keys with our 4-digit passcode folding lock. This feature offers the convenience of personalized security; simply set your unique code and enjoy quick, keyless access to your bike. The four-digit combination allows for thousands of possible codes, ensuring your bike is protected by a lock that's as secure as it is convenient. With this lock, peace of mind is just a code away.

Integrated Frame Strap

Take your security wherever you go with the included frame strap, designed for effortless transportation of your folding lock. This strap attaches easily to your bike frame, ensuring your lock is always there when you need it. Lightweight and unobtrusive, it doesn't interfere with your ride but ensures you're never left unprepared. With this convenient strap, carrying your lock is as easy and streamlined as the rest of your ride.

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