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The Sasquatch e-bike is big, sleek, and made for adventure. Mighty batteries and motor, chunky tires, and a cargo rack all make it the perfect companion for a thrill-seeking ride off the grid.

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Top Speed: 32 Km/h
Charging Time: 3-5 Hours
Wheels: 26*4 KENDA Krusader
Estimated Range: 50-80Km


Component Description
Frame Aluminium 6061 T6
Tires Kenda 26 * 4.0 Fat tire
Stem Aluminium Promax
Front Suspension Aluminium Suspension Fork w lockout
F/R Brakes Mechanical Disc Brakes w motor cut-off
Derailleur 7-spd Shimano
Chain KMC
Seat MTB Comfort
F/R Lighting Full LED w brake lights
Fenders Front and rear metal fenders
Cargo Rack Rear Metal Rack
Electrical System Description
Motor 500W Bafang Brushless Hub Motor (Peak 750W)
Torque Rating 95 Nm
Battery 48V 15 Ah, LG cell Li-ion
Charger 100V – 240V AC smart charger
Sensor Torque sensor integrated in the motor
Throttle Thumb
PAS 1:1 PAS speed sensor
Controller 48V Sin wave controller
Display LCD Bafang Display
Performance Description
Curb Weight 76 lbs (35 Kg)
Max Speed 32 kph
Range (Throttle) 50-60 km
Range (PAS) 60-80 km
Charging Time 3-5 hours
Max. Payload Capacity 400 lbs


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A Fat E-bike that shatters all expectations

Discover the Sasquatch Lineup

Core Series

The Sasquatch Core Series is designed for essential adventure needs, providing reliable performance and durability.

Key Features:

  • Battery: Standard Hailong battery.
  • Controller: Downtube controller.
  • Suspension: TRAMA suspension fork with lockout and preload adjustment.
  • Motor: 500W; 95 Nm BAFANG Motor.
  • Battery Capacity: 720Wh, UL 2849 certified.

Pro Series

The Sasquatch Pro Series offers upgraded components, making it ideal for long-distance touring and enhanced riding comfort.

Key Features:

  • Battery and Controller: Frame integrated for a sleek design.
  • Sensors: Upgraded BMS and PAS sensor.
  • Stem: PROMAX Alloy adjustable stem.
  • Handlebars: PROMAX Alloy Curved riser handlebars.
  • Suspension: Revised suspension for increased comfort.

Pro ST

The Pro ST variant is designed for riders who prefer a step-thru frame, offering the same advanced features as the Pro Series for a more accessible and comfortable ride.

Key Features:

  • Frame: Step-over and Step-thru frame variants.
  • All other features: Same as the Sasquatch Pro Series.

Pro R

The Pro R variant is engineered for US customers or off-road use, providing a powerful motor for enhanced performance.

Key Features:

  • Motor: Upgraded 750W Motor available.
  • All other features: Same as the Sasquatch Pro Series.

All Terrain/All Weather Performance

Crafted to effortlessly navigate through Canada's toughest environments, the Sasquatch is your go-to companion for any terrain challenge. Armed with 26*4.0 puncture-resistant fat tires, it's fully prepared for diverse landscapes. Whether it's gliding over sandy dunes, cruising along beach shores, scaling snow-covered peaks, or maneuvering through tricky streetcar tracks, this bike is built to tackle it all. Its exceptional handling and traction offer confidence-inspiring control, allowing you to master all terrains in any condition. The Sasquatch is more than just a bike; it's your all-terrain warrior, ready to take on the extremes with ease and reliability. *ST (Step-through) Variant Shown.

Powerful and Responsive

Our lineup of fat tire e-bikes stands at the forefront of power and torque, making them unmatched champions in hill climbing and off-road adventures. Equipped with our most formidable motors, these bikes boast a staggering 95 Nm of torque, putting incredible power right at your fingertips, through 5 levels of customizable PAS. This means that no matter the challenge - be it steep ascents or rugged terrains - you have the strength and capability to conquer it all with confidence and ease.

Ultimate Versatility with the Power Station Pro

The Sasquatch Pro sets a new standard in e-bike battery performance with its advanced 720 wh Li-ion battery. Capable of delivering up to 80 kilometers of travel on a single charge, this bike is a powerhouse for long-distance journeys. Adding to its versatility, the Pro battery features a built-in USB port, offering the convenience of charging your electronic devices while you're on the move. It's not just about the distance you can cover; it's about staying connected and powered up wherever your adventure takes you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Prashant Rahman
Perfect for Delivery

I recently bought a sasquatch for delivery, the battery range is great and can be swapped out very fast. it gets me through the whole day of work with no stress. Almost at 1000 km with no issues.

Super stable

Very happy with my Sasquatch ST purchase. Step through feature makes it easier for me and my wife to get on it and ride. Fat tire provides amazing traction and stability for my ride to work. I love it.

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"I booked a ride and I have to say riding an E-Bike feels absolutely amazing. These e-Bikes are very convenient for daily use and I love it." - Alexandra

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